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General Provision

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Refunds & Returns

Should you wish for a refund on an ecard purchase, please adhere to the following guidelines:
  • The ecard has not been dispatched to its recipient.
  • Send a request for a refund to help@happiepages.com within three days of your purchase.

Consent to Receive Communications

By using Happiepages.com, you consent to receive occasional emails about special offers and promotions available on our website, either directly from us or our parent company, Happiehive.

Prohibited Actions

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  • Reselling or commercially exploiting products from happiepages.com.
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  • To enforce our terms of service and other agreements.

All users are expected to actively prevent unauthorized replication, modification, distribution, or disclosure of happiepages.com products. If any unauthorized use comes to your attention, please notify us promptly at help@happiepages.com.

Service Interruptions

happiepages.com may suspend services without prior notice if:
  • There's evidence of third-party misuse or
  • There are payment discrepancies.

Service access will be restored once the underlying issue is addressed. Furthermore, we reserve the right to delete any content we deem unlawful, offensive, or in breach of these terms.

Service Assurance

happiepages.com commits to delivering purchased products with precision and professionalism. However, we cannot guarantee:
  • Constant, uninterrupted access.
  • Complete safeguarding against unauthorized breaches.
  • Zero risk of data loss due to system issues.
For optimal performance, we may occasionally undergo maintenance, possibly causing temporary slowdowns or outages.

Limitation of Liability

happiepages.com operates based on trustworthiness, offering its services "as is" and "as available". Under no circumstances shall happiepages.com or its partners be accountable for indirect, special, or consequential losses, including data loss. If, for any reason, the disclaimers in this document are deemed unenforceable by a court of competent jurisdiction, the utmost liability on happiepages.com's part to you or any other user will not exceed the amount you've paid.