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celebrate anyone
anywhere online

Go solo or have people sign & contribute from all over

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happy birthday   thank you   make someone's day today   Congratulations   happy anniversary   sup goofy   proud of you   Congratulations   birthday   smilee   happy easter   you are special   don't forget to laugh   we love you   have a superday   you did great   you're a superstar
happy birthday   thank you   Congratulations   happy anniversary   sup goofy   send a happiepage   you deserve the best Congratulations   sup king   we love you   happy easter   you are special   beautiful human   have a superday   you're doing great
spread love   thank you   glorious   you are   absolutely breathtaking   make someone smile today   love will find you   Congratulations   sup queen   we love you   have a great day   you are special   beautiful human   you're just awesome

Greeting cards
made fun

For whatever occassion, we make celebrating your loved ones or whoever, super easy and fun with our feature packed digital cards.

P.S. We've got a wide range of cards to choose from.


How it works

Step 1

Pick and fill

select the card you want and fill all the info needed

Step 2

Share to sign

Post-payment, you'll get a shareable link for group card signing.

Step 3

on the way

the person gets an email or text with a link to their happiepage on the date and time you set

Why happiepages is great

Here at happiepages we believe everyone deserves to feel loved and appreciated. We recognize the profound impact a simple gesture of love and gratitude can have on a person's day, and so exist to make that process easier and more fun. Happiepages is an ecard service that helps you celebrate your loved ones from anywhere on different occasions.

What are ecards? Ecards are digital, purely online greeting cards, that can be sent to anyone anywhere in the world in an instant. We have an ever-growing selection of cards that can be signed and sent by just you or multiple people online. Send a card to absolutely anyone! Be it your friend, boss, family, colleague, dog or even enemies. Also, no registration or signup required.



We cost less than a lot of traditional paper cards and with more features



You can create a card for someone and get it to them in less that 3 minutes



Skip the office rounds for signatures. Simply share the link from your email with those you want to sign.



make the world a better place by going digital and using less paper


Every month, a portion of our revenue will be donated to Tree Aid, which is a charity organisation focused on Empowering women in the drylands of Africa to grow trees and manage their land, leading to improved incomes, restored lands and better access to nutritious food. View forest here

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