Ways To Maintain Long-Distance Friendships Or Relationships

Apr 6, 2024

Long-distance relationships can be challenging and have become increasingly common in today's world. Friends and partners move to different states or countries for school and work putting a strain on the convenience and closeness of these relationships. However, with dedication and creativity, maintaining a long-distance connection can be just as fulfilling as having them nearby.  Here are some engaging ways to keep the bond strong, no matter the miles.

1. Schedule Regular Video Calls

Set up regular video calls to catch up and share life updates. Seeing each other’s faces and surroundings can give the feeling of closeness and make conversations more personal and engaging compared to text or voice calls.

2. Virtual Movie Nights

Watch movies or TV shows together online. Many streaming services now offer watch party features, allowing you to enjoy a show in sync and discuss it in real time. A good example of this is Teleparty. I use this a lot with my friends to watch movies at least once every week.

3. Send Surprise Deliveries

Nothing beats the joy of receiving an unexpected gift. Send your friend a care package, a book you think they’d love, or even a surprise food delivery to make their day special.

4. Celebrate Personal & Professional Milestones with Fun Digital Cards

Don’t let distance stop you from celebrating important moments. Not when there are services like HappiePages that allow you to easily create and send digital cards with cool features. Whether it’s a birthday, a new job, or any other milestone, a digital card filled with personalized messages, photos, GIFs and cool effects can make your friend feel loved and remembered. 

5. Play Online Games Together

Find multiplayer online games that you both enjoy and play together regularly. Whether it’s strategy games, puzzles, or something adventurous, it’s a great way to have fun and stay connected. Nice examples of online multiplayer games are the past within, COD mobile and It Takes Two.

6. Plan Visits or Vacations Together

Occasionally, plan to meet in person or vacation together. Whether it's once a year, twice a year, or even once in two years based on your situation, budget, and finances, these face-to-face interactions can strengthen your bond and create lasting memories.

Maintaining a long-distance friendship/relationship requires effort, but it’s worth it to keep that special connection alive. With these tips, you can continue to grow your relationship, share experiences, and support each other, no matter where you are in the world.