How Group Cards Unite Remote Companies

Mar 14, 2024

Staying connected during this new wave of remote working can be pretty difficult (especially for those of us who are used to forming connections and rapport at work). However, in between the virtual meetings and Slack channels, there’s a simple and overlooked way to bridge the distance and strengthen bonds: group cards.

Happiepages provides remote teams with a unique opportunity to come together, celebrate achievements, and show appreciation in a way that transcends any geographical restriction. How? Here are four main reasons why:

Sense of Community

With the physical distance, remote work can sometimes feel isolating and force people to miss out on spontaneous conversations and interactions. Group cards can help with this by bringing a team together to share warm wishes & celebrate milestones. On a personal level, I would absolutely feel welcomed if I were to receive a greeting card with personal members from each member of a team during my first week (or even day!).

Celebrating Milestones and Achievements

From project completions to work anniversaries and birthdays, remote teams have plenty of reasons to celebrate and should never be left to feel like they cannot do so. Group cards offer a platform for colleagues to send congratulatory messages, share memories, and express appreciation for each other’s contributions, creating a culture of recognition and support.

Encouraging Collaboration and Creativity

Group cards provide an opportunity for remote teams to collaborate and get creative together. This is most felt in every step of the process. During the process of sending a happiepage, people get to see different sides of their coworkers such as their thoughtfulness, creativity and even their way with words. From brainstorming card ideas to adding the finishing touches, creating together has never been more fun (or heartfelt!).

Strengthening Team Relationships

It can sometimes feel like there is a disconnection and detachment among remote team members. Group cards serve to remind us that despite physical distance, colleagues are always there to support and celebrate each other. With group cards, you can add custom messages, inside jokes, and goofy graphics, making each card feel personal.