7 Occasions Where You Can Use Group Cards In Your Office

Mar 14, 2024

Once you realise group cards are way more effective, you’ll want to send them on every occasion! We have compiled a list of 7occasions where you can use happiepage to send group cards in your office.

1. Birthdays

Duhhhh! Your co-worker is going to want to receive a birthday card on their birthday. Group cards with personalised messages are bound to make your colleague feel extra special.

2. Promotion

One of the best ways to inspire and motivate people is by acknowledging their achievements. You can offer words of admiration, encouragement and of course, congratulations to uplift the honoree. There are many options to choose from on happiepages.

3. Resignation/Leave

You can bid farewell to your colleague with a group card. This is a great opportunity to express how much you appreciate their contribution to the group and make light of the departure by adding fond memories and banter.

4. Anniversaries

A work anniversary shouldn’t be brushed over easily. It deserves to be celebrated and a group card is an awesome way to do so.

5. Welcome

Don’t know how to welcome a new hire? Send them a happiepage signed by members of the team to establish a warm environment for them. You can give them insight into the workplace and leave them feeling excited to start.

6. Festive seasons

Spread the joy during holidays and festive seasons through digital group greeting cards. Whether it is Christmas, New Year’s or Easter, you can spread some much-appreciated festive cheer to your co-workers.

7. Special national/international days

With a number of special days to recognise people such as Customer service week and Employee appreciation day, you can take the opportunity to hurdle together and send relevant cards to appreciate your colleagues on these days.

Bonus: Random

Do you really have to wait for an occasion? Surprise colleagues with random acts of kindness by sending group cards to them when you feel like it. It’s about the little things like sharing motivational words or telling a joke to brighten up their day.